Margie Russomanno

Worship Leader/Singer/Songwriter


Margie is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, worship leader and guest speaker comfortable in both sacred and secular arenas.  Her concerts are multi-media events attracting youth, seniors and everyone in between.  Her recent CD release, "All I Need" has been in the #1 position on Reverbnation's Christian/Gospel Chart for six months and in the top ten for years.  She has over a million YouTube views and thousands of streams from her single "Be Strong".

Margie is currently the Director of Worship and Media at A Gathering Place in Reseda CA.  Previously, she was the the Director of Music/Worship Leader at Woodley Community Church in Granada Hills.  Before that, she was the Director of Music Ministries and the Worship Leader at New Life Church of the Nazarene in Porter Ranch for 8 years.  Margie was a worship leader in her home church The Church On The Way for 15 years. She was mentored in worship by Pastor Jack Hayford, Naomi Beard, Sy Goraieb and most recently by Jean Darnall. She writes compelling worship songs that are in The Church On The Way's roster as well as other churches across the country. She has been invited to teach at worship conferences including George Patsaoura's church in Greece and 29 Palms Military Base. She has been the newscaster/host for Foursquare International Headquarters’ podcast “The Foursquare  Leader Minute” which broadcasted around the globe. She served as a co-host on "In The Garden" a cable TV variety program which aired nationally. Credits include script, musical performance and discussion on current events and motivational information.

Margie is a conference speaker with (50-5,000 attendees) with topics including; Worship, Building Self Esteem, Finding Your Purpose, Relationship Building, Reinventing Yourself. A pop singer/songwriter and recording artist with 5 CD's released and concerts performed in Greece, Turkey, New York and Los Angeles where she frequently performs at large venues including The Greek Theatre. Margie is an accomplished playwright, with eleven Christian themed plays (two of which are musicals with original music) to her credit.

Margie's Endorsements

Margie Russomanno Schunk’s presence, performance and person provide a triplet of qualities. As a Christian artist, her presence brings a convincing testimony of Christ, her performance a marvelously bright talent, and her person a depth of character—the substance that supports her solidity in ministry. The beauty of her voice is that it sings out of a life that is equally beautiful. I’m her pastor—and I unhesitatingly commend her gifted ministry to anyone.

Dr. Jack W. Hayford Senior Pastor Emeritus of The Church On The Way

Past President of the International Church of the Foursquare

Chancellor of The King’s College and Seminary

Margie Russomanno Schunk has talent. But she also has a testimony. That sets her apart from just any artist. She has stewarded her heavenly sent gifts with great sensitivity to mission. Margie not only has an angelic like sound, but the foundation of her music is grounded in a message. When someone has been blessed with remarkable talent, develops it with grace and makes personal choices to steer all of that towards honoring the Lord, then that life will be marked by God’s touch. That’s Margie! It would be impossible to intersect with this message of hope without being profoundly moved. The combination of a ministry framed with a message sets her apart from many other artists. Margie recently sang at the annual Foursquare Convention in Anaheim, California. Her performance was met with strong reviews. Sharing one of the new releases from the album “All I Need”, she delivered! Margie lights up the room with her inner and outer beauty. I could not endorse anyone with a higher commendation than Margie. If you have the chance to listen to her music, do it. If you have a chance to book her, don’t delay.

Glenn Burris, Jr. President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

As Margie sings, her personal love and relationship with the Lord radiates out of her being. A consummate professional, she is warm and personable both on the platform and off. Margie is wonderful in any setting whether large or small.

Melinda Scott Formerly Southern California District Supervisor Southern California Foursquare Churches

Margie Russomanno Schunk is uniquely blessed to compose and superbly perform dynamic Christian music. New Horizon Church has been blessed with the privilege of having Margie minister to our congregation over a period of several years. Her music and testimony have always deeply touched our hearts and drawn us closer to the Lord. I confidently recommend Margie and her music to any congregation or gathering that desires a freshly anointed ministry in special music.

Ron Bauer Former Sr. Pastor New Horizon Foursquare Church

The late Dr. Scott G Bauer, Sr. Pastor of The Church On The Way has said of Margie, “She is an effervescent delight…her music reflects genuine insight and commitment to God’s word.

“Margie Russomanno is one of those rare souls who has a magnetic personality, deep spiritual sensitivity, and great and varied artistic gifts. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on her album, All I Need and helping her in her musical endeavors since then. She has a deep heart for serving people and encouraging them in their lives as few I’ve ever known. Her years of service in the music ministry at The Church on the Way, singing at the Foursquare Convention, and now the face of the televised “Foursquare Leader Minute” have placed her in a unique platform of reaching people worldwide. I would heartily recommend Margie for any ministry, be it from a concert, to leading worship. Her greatest gift, even beyond her musical abilities is encouraging her brothers and sisters to move beyond their view of who they are to how God sees them.”

David Schober, Recording Engineer/Producer, DSP Productions